Pan Asia Innofar pharmaceutical Ltd( Innofar) is established by a group of dynamic and aggressive people with over 15 years experience in pharmaceutical exportation.
With so many years of the business experience, we had built up strong relationship with China pharmaceutical plants, labs, universities and colleages and have wide connections with thousands of customers located in Asia, Middle East and South America etc All these help us have a sharp sense of market trends and understand customer’s needs very well. We differentiate ourselves by carefully selected categories which including the best selling and new potential API in near future. We provide our customer the full supply chain services including storage, payment credit help.Also we are an ideal partner for one-stop purchasing, combining shipment. All the material sources we cooperated are pre- evaluated by our purchasing team. Quality and competitiveness are both important evaluating factors in our supplying system.
Our service team is with professional pharmaceutical background. Majority of them are graduated from pharmaceutical universities and colleagues. And we continuously have GMP and GSP training for our staff to ensure each step of goods handling and document system fulfill the requirement of drugs. Our sales technical supporting team can help our sales to feedback technology questions from customer in very short time which greatly increased our customer satisfaction grade.

We believe your choice for cooperating with us will be fruitful!.


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